Playtime with a Purpose

Based on the latest studies in child development, Hijinks costumes provide open-ended play free from fixed characters which fosters imagination and creativity. When children are given a toy that goes along with a movie or TV show, they know the “story” of how it should be played with, what should happen and the order of events. It can be hard for young children to be flexible enough to alter that story.  Open-ended play toys allow children to make choices, express their creativity and support their independence. It is through these experiences that children are able to learn best. Hijinks costumes offer classic archetypes and animals to choose from allowing the child to come up with their own story about that character during their play. Our costumes are loose fitting and designed to be non-restrictive allowing a child’s body to move freely. Never losing sight of who Hijinks is designed for, we offer child friendly usability and easy on and off features such as front zippers, wide openings, easy snaps and elastics as well as breathable linings free from itchy tags or fabrics.