Giving Back

At Hijinks we believe that success cannot only be measured by sales and profits, but is also measured by the good that can be done in our community. Which is why we donate a percentage of our sales, our time and man-power to providing support to our local alternative school for pregnant and teenage mothers. As both women and mother’s, we have so much respect for these mothers who have chosen at such a vulnerable time to continue their education. Our mission is to work with the teachers and students at the school to determine the best way we can support them and to connect people and companies who can offer services or donations. 

Our current outreach efforts include; classroom redesigns that allow for optimal use of the space for mothers and babies, stocking the “free closet," keeping the kitchen stocked, and reaching out to other businesses and individuals for donations of goods and their time. We reach out to our community of mothers about twice a year and ask for donations of used baby items for the classroom. We then collect all the items, sort, wash, clean and organize the items and display them in a large closet in the classroom. A percentage of the money you spend on Hijinks costumes goes directly to purchasing items like diapers, wipes, formula and toiletries for the "free closet" as well as food for the in classroom kitchen. We also reach out to other businesses in our community and ask for donations of new baby items like carriers, sleep sacks, clothing, baby furniture and toiletries. We are currently working with a reproductive resource center in Los Angeles in a joint effort to provide parenting classes to the students once a month.